THE CHRIST EXPERIMENT's School of Ambassadors is the premier ministry school designed to equip Urantia Book readers with the skill to effectively disseminate the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  

The School is progressive – each course is a prerequisite for the next. The courses consist of a number of video lessons, with quizzes, posters, and a discussion element to reinforce the information.  The School begins with an introduction to the basics of ministry, progresses through an enhanced Bible study that demonstrates the ministry skills taught in the School, and concludes with a personal examination of the Sermon on the Mount.  While the curriculum focuses on uplifting Christians, the techniques taught in the School can be used to uplift any ideology with the Fifth Epochal Revelation. 

The courses are self-paced.  The entire curriculum can be completed in about 7 months depending on how quickly the Student chooses to progress.  Students who complete the entire curriculum, will be invited to participate in a graduation ceremony, and in post-graduation Ministry Challenges and Conclaves with Alumni to practice their ministry skills.  

The monthly tuition donation of just $10.00 gives the student access to the entire curriculum, special learning sessions, the School’s extensive library, and the complete video series on Part IV of The Urantia Book – The Life and Teachings of Jesus.  There is no contract or any obligation to complete the entire course. Students can end their participation at any time. 

Enroll in THE CHRIST EXPERIMENT's School of Ambassadors and become those teachers and leaders:

  • who will "dare to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable teachings;"
  • who will be "exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men;" and 
  • who will "quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world!"

Enrollment Open Year-round

Enroll and proceed at your own pace.


  • The Master's Ministry

    Series 100: An overview of the basics of ministry and the principle methods and techniques required to prepare for and conduct an effective outreach ministry of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

  • Illuminating the Good News

    Series 200: A 3-part course on basic doctrines and teachings of Christianity, and practical demonstrations on how to uplift and enhance those teachings with the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

  • Ordination

    Series 300: A-6 chapter graduation course on the meaning of ordination and the Sermon on the Mount in preparation for graduation, ordination and consecration, and the post-graduation ministry.

  • Into His Harvest

    Series 400: Post-Graduation Ministry Conclaves that encourages Graduates to put to use the ministry and leadership skills learned in the School.

  • Lessons From the Master

    Series 500: A presentation of dozens of lessons and teaching techniques as demonstrated and taught by Jesus to his apostles and disciples.

What are Students and Graduates saying about the School?

    “I have been taught skills over a 10 month course that took my friend 35 years to learn through trial and error.  It is remarkable that you were able to pull so many different techniques out of Jesus’ teachings and make them tangible and accessible. My vision of how to share the Urantia Book changed significantly.”

    “A worthy course for all believers no matter their length of time in knowing the Urantia Book or the Bible. I have really appreciated having these courses available to take. They have been given in a way that allows for growth at all levels. Thank you for all the wonderful courses!”

    “Wow, how wise and insightful this lesson is. Thanks to the instructors to clearly show us the way to being the next generation of teachers and leaders to bring forward the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom to all of our brothers and sisters, starting with Christians and extending to the rest of humanity.”

    “A terrific completion to an evolving tutorial study which had a significant impact on my view of bible-based Christian thought - and advice on bridging-building capacity, and uplifting the gospel message. Many thanks. A very perfecting course indeed!”

    “I enjoyed the whole thing.  I was looking forward to it and it met all my expectations. What I really appreciated is that you showed that it is not that difficult to go out and talk to people like Jesus did.  We were given so many great tools.”

    “I have goose pumps...every word you said was like my own thoughts .... I believe this course is what i was looking for all this time.”

    “I was not expecting what I found by taking The Christ Experiment courses.  I’m always looking for ways to communicate the teachings of the Urantia Book.  This for me was quite an adventure to learn new ways exactly how Jesus was doing it. It has helped me have a different perspective on how to communicate with people who are not familiar with either the Bible or the Urantia Book.”

    “This School is a unique offering as far as I’ve seen in what’s available for Urantia Book readers to get into.  I say this because I’m a Urantia Book junkie – reading anything and everything I can find and taking courses at the various UB schools.  They all teach an in depth look at the book.  But what I like about this school is the fact that you make this powerful connection between the Bible and the UB and how you’ve woven the different concepts of UB into the Bible.  That was very powerful.”

    Just extraordinary.  It helped me understand what it means to be an ambassador of the Master. It also helped me appreciate the Bible.  This was an extraordinary gift I received and it will follow me forever.  Thank you.”

    “So, so much information and experience from your small team that saw ''the big picture'' on how the world can be changed! Blessings!” 

    “I, for one, am totally relieved and joyful that the course moderators prove themselves to be the inspired moderators I had hoped them to be. Many thanks.” 

    “The work that your core group is doing with the School of Evangelists is one of the most exciting initiatives in the Urantia movement.  I think all of Nebadon is watching to see what you do next!  Bravo for your spiritually encouraging choices and excellent work!”

Enroll and begin your journey to a successful outreach ministry of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

Become Leaders and Teachers . . .



  • What will I learn?

    You will learn the basics of The Master’s Ministry, including the most successful and effective ministry techniques available to introduce the Fifth Epochal Revelation to any ideology. You will enhance your understanding of The Bible and its harmonic relationship to The Urantia Book to enable you to reach Bible readers with the Revelation. Upon graduation, you will be invited to engage in a hands-on outreach ministry and become the leaders and teachings anticipated by the Revelatory Commission.

  • Is the School only for Christians?

    No. While the principal audience is the Christian community, the techniques and methods taught in the School can be employed to introduce all ideologies to the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

  • How much of a time commitment is required?

    Students can proceed at their own pace. In general, the pre-graduation curriculum takes about 30-60 minutes per week, over a period of about 7 months to complete. Graduates of the School are invited to participate in the post-graduation curriculum with fellow Alumni, which continues as long as the student wants to participate.

  • Who are the instructors?

    The creators and principal instructors of the School are Zshonette Reed, Jeffrey Paul (posthumously), Donald Clementin, Andrew Wilson and Janet Wilson, who together have over 160 years experience in Christian ministry. The entire curriculum is based on the ministry methods and techniques taught by Jesus to his apostles and disciples as described in The Bible and in Part IV of The Urantia Book.

  • What will I get out of it?

    TheChristExperiment’s School of Ambassadors is a true ministry school. Its purpose is to develop leaders and teachers of the Fifth Epochal Revelation who have real ministry skills that are understandable, relatable, practical and, most importantly, effective. After completing the curriculum, our graduates will have the skills necessary to disseminate the revelation in a proactive, yet respectful way in imitation of the Master Teacher, Christ Jesus of Nazareth.